Monday, April 20, 2009

Indepent School Librarians are Movers and Shakers Too

Today I finally read the March 15th issue of Library Journal, which includes stories on the 51 library Movers and Shakers 2009. All are interesting librarians who "embraced library technology, particularly library 2.0" and are making a difference and an impact on our profession, but none are independent school librarians - or school librarians for that matter. What about the wonderful librarians across the nation who are doing innovative work at their K-12 libraries and in their local consortia? Aren't some of the librarians at our schools creative overachievers? I think so.

I am eager to meet these librarians at the AISL conference (Association of Independent School Librarians) in Las Vegas this week. I learn from them via listservs, blogs, email, twitter - and now I get to meet them in person! I want to learn more about the Greater Boston Cooperative Library Association and their amazing book blog, The Book Network. I want to learn how school librarians are using audiobooks, ebooks, and regular print books with their students. I want to know what 2.0 tools work for them, and even more - what ones don't!

Many independent school librarians are out there doing innovative work. Let's nominate them next year to be included in LJ's Movers and Shakers. We work in such small but vibrant communities - let's show what the independent school librarians are doing!
Who would you nominate?

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