Saturday, July 25, 2009

Turning off 2.0

I am having a delightful summer while I purposefully take a break from my usual 2.0 librarian life. Focusing on my family is so rewarding - a reminder of why I don't work during the summer. So, in my non-working I have neglected my blogs, dismissed my Google Reader, and have only clicked on a few of Buffy Hamilton's intriguing links from her Delicious account which she posts on Facebook. OK, so I didn't take a complete 2.0 vacation, but I did take a break and found myself to be so relaxed and happy. I am thinking of leaving Twitter completely. I have to confess, I love not reading it. And so many people publish their status on both Twitter and Facebook, that sticking just with one is a time saver. I feel like I am recovering from an addiction.

I even read less books this summer than usual, spending the time savoring magazines and watching So You Think You Can Dance with my daughter. Or playing with WiiFit! I read LazyGal's reviews (she reads practically a book per day!), and the guilt of not reading that much floats away as I turn a page in Real Simple and sink further into my couch. Not that I haven't been using my brain! I have been very creative about my home, I have made some tough parenting choices, and I am also coping with a parent with Alzheimer's Disease. I do have a lot on my mind. Just letting myself focus on all of that instead of the next great 2.0 tool or debate about "21st century skills" has proven to be very healthy for me and for my family.

I am sure as August comes and the school year starts, I will become inspired and dive in again. But for now... Sorry to those friends whose blogs I used to read regularly, whose reviews and ideas usually guide me, I just cannot keep up this summer. I am relishing my 2.0 break. But I think I will be back. Some new ideas are even starting to percolate...

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  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    It sounds like you had a very HEALTHY summer to me. I think one of the reasons I like hiking and traveling to little backwater countries is that it forces me to break from the fast-paced tech world.

    Thanks for leaving the note on my blog and have a great new school year.