Sunday, October 11, 2009

Overhead Party

We had a little going away party for the overhead projectors yesterday. Don't they look like they are socializing in the conference room? The are replaced by projectors and SmartBoards. I think we are keeping two, just in case (in case what? I don't know). I am happy to see them go. The technology department troubleshoots/fixes the projectors and SmartBoards so we have one less type of equipment to manage.
Goodbye overhead projectors!


  1. Sometimes I remember what my archives teacher said in grad school, when the excitement of being able to digitize everything took hold: negatives were the perfect storage (eg, microfilm, microfiche) because all they required was a light source and maginification.

    My father still uses transparancies. Same thing: light source, magnification. Sometimes older is better.

  2. Yes, Laura, I agree, but when you have 15 overhead projectors with nowhere to go and nobody using them, you can't just keep them in the conference room! Do your teachers still use them?