Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Evernote for our Seniors

Friday I will teach Evernote for the first time. My seniors will be doing a service learning project consisting of 20 hours of service and some research and reflection. Evernote should help them keep track of their experiences from now until May. I hope to write later in the year to update you on their progress!In the slide show, during the first few slides I will explain what can go into an Evernote notebook, and in the "show me" slide I will log into our sample account and show the students the ins and outs of this amazing organizational tool.  Evernote for students

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  1. FINALLY a solid example I can take to get buy in from one of our teachers. Thinking I'll make a pitch to our service learning teacher--they start second semester. Timely--now I have time to teach him, and then get the class on board!!