Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Makerbreak Update

The #makerbreak is going well. These two weeks were all about Lego. I brought in my son's huge bin of old Lego, and the upper school boys were so happy. One 11th grader gave me a hug for bringing in Lego and requested other games like Risk (which I immediately bought along with some other games including Loteria, Quirkle, and more). Some girls are building, but the boys are much more interested. Some have taken pictures, but haven't posted them to Instagram @bwslibrary or our twitter. They may be having trouble getting used to that aspect of our low key maker space. Next week I am putting out 5 magnetic poetry kits and offering up some apps that simulate the same thing.

I think by next year, maybe sooner, we might be able to do some electronics or more typically "maker" activities. We are building the space as a zone for creativity and building, and if I can prove that kids would be interested, maybe I can get the right people involved and some small financial backing, and a maker space could evolve in the library. That is a goal of mine, but I think baby steps are just fine for my school and staff. I want to build up the idea with care and interest from the students.

I am also planning our first Friday lunch expert class. We have a fabulous teacher who makes elaborate balloon creations, and he has agreed to teach a class on making balloon animals in the library one day at lunch. The kids will love it - and it might be the first in a series of faculty teaching a craft or skill to the kids in an informal setting in the library. As I am reflecting on it, I am reminded of activities I did as a public librarian, and i thing this would fit in there too.

Do you have a makerspace? Have any ideas for mine?


  1. Greeting cards made with conductive paint (see Bare Conductive for some good products) or some small etextile projects (Aniomagic is good for uncomplicated projects) may be manageable, entry-level electronics projects. If you get a chance, try to attend Constructing Modern Knowledge in New Hampshire in July. Best professional development I ever did.

    1. Those are a great ideas! I made those greeting cards with my daughter this summer and it was really fun. Maybe I will attend that conference in july - in the meantime I will follow your blog and hope for more good ideas!

  2. Yikes! I really need to pick up the blogging again!