Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Difficulty Teaching ARTstor?

My library subscribes to ARTstor, and I think it is a fantastic resource, but I was having trouble teaching my teachers how to use it. It isn't as straightforward as other databases, and ARTstor has great features the teachers weren't using. In fact, I believe only a couple of teachers were using it at all.
Last year ARTstor published some very helpful instructional videos on YouTube, and although there isn't one yet on using instructor privileges, there are enough short clear videos to get a teacher started in less than 20 minutes. Make sure to watch Register for an ARTstor Account, Making an Image Group, and Download Images to PowerPoint.
Tell your teachers and students about these videos - they will appreciate it! My faculty have responded well to them. I am excited to see how they will use the resource. Watch Introducing the New ARTstor below:

How are you and your teachers using ARTstor at your school?

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  1. That was exactly my experience with my own faculty members. They really wanted ARTstor but had no time for training. I stumbled on the youtube instructional videos by chance. I promoted them to my teachers and they seem to have been well received.