Friday, January 23, 2009

Troubles with Typos?

I happily (and fearfully) Twittered about my new blog.. and of course I wrote bolg instead of blog! I am embarrassed! What an introduction. May I present to you a new bolgger? Then I remembered what Penelope Trunk wrote about typos and now I feel better...

"There is a new economy for writing. The focus has shifted toward taking risks with conversation and ideas, and away from hierarchical input (the editorial process) and perfection.
As the world of content and writing shifts, the spelling tyrants will be left behind."

I'll confidently alert you to the big news that I am not perfect. However, I wonder if am I just making excuses for my incompetence as a keyboardist and proofreader? Or am I part of a new era where typos are OK? And in that case, are they OK for our students too?


  1. I like that you're bloggging!

    And I like that you told me!

    And it's fun to see your photo and what you're reading.

    Typo sidenote: I am emailing with this guy I am maybe dating. And I told him I don't think he knows how to use an apostrophe and it's bugging me. And he quoted my post about typos back to me. And I was like, But it's not a typo, because you don't know how to fix it. So it counts against you.

  2. Don't worry about typo's I do them all the time and most of the time the people undersatnd what I am saying adn who ever thought of the delete key rocks!