Thursday, March 12, 2009

LibraryThing and InfoCentre

I have been having trouble with my school account on LibraryThing. I use it to highlight our new books to our community. Each month or so, I import records from InfoCentre, our integrated library system, into LibraryThing. It seems so easy - I can batch import, and tag the whole batch with the same tag (I use NewMonthYear, for instance, NewMarch2009). Sounds perfect, right?
Well, I must be doing something wrong, because in a batch of ninety three, ten are duplicated - often with different cover pictures! Does anyone else have this problem? I'd love your help.

(Update! I figured it out! The MARC records for the duplicated books had more than one ISBN in them, and since I don't do the cataloging at my library, I didn't realize that would happen sometimes. I have since asked the cataloger to only include in the record the ISBN of the book we actually have.)

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