Sunday, December 6, 2009

Turning Off, Again!

Back in July I wrote about turning off 2.0, just temporarily - just for part of the summer, to get some needed rest, time with the family, and check in with myself without the computer. Well, it must be a twice-yearly itch, because as you can tell from my lack of new posts, I am bowing out for a while again. At work I am quite busy. But after my day job, I am consumed with family and now the upcoming holidays. So I just wanted to let any readers (my loyal fellow librarians) know, that I am fine, busy, happy - and I will post again. I'm just taking a break. And although my Google Reader numbers are astounding, I cannot catch up on reading all of it until I finish reading Shanghai Girls. I am still facebooking and twittering but I'm just pulling back a bit. I highly recommend taking time off once in a while to step back and look around at the world. And to dive back in when ready!

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