Monday, January 25, 2010

Library Day in the Life - My School Library

I am participating in Library Day in the Life this week. Each day I will blog a bit about my day as Librarian at  the 7-12 grade campus of a K-12 school, starting now!

  • Woke up at 5:30 and headed to campus to exercise for an hour and shower before work.
  • Arrived happy and with a cup of coffee to the library by 7:25.
  • Wondered if I am allowed to post some pictures of my students using the library on this blog. I decided to put some old pictures to let you see the Library, but I avoided showing the faces of the students.
  • The other librarians opened up the library, so I ran up to the cafeteria to get warm oatmeal. A perk of our school - they feed us breakfast and lunch. Yum!
  • Back at the circ desk - I ran overdues in InfoCentre for students. I email them via InfoCentre to the students - very easy. Then sent out "Community Conduct Reports" via email out to the kids who have books over 2 weeks overdue. We don't charge fines, but they do get demerits which add up for detentions.
  • Spoke with freshman about getting the third in a Garth Nix trilogy. We'll order it today!
  • Met with weekly Activity. I co-sponsor the upper school's blog about student life, written by students, for students. We have podcasts, videos, and text. It could be better, but it is growing.
  • Helped students using Diigo.
  • Spoke with another Independent School Librarian about our 40 school consortium concerning changing our groups' correspondence from GoogleGroups, which has become unreliable, to Google Sites, which looks better now anyway. We are going to work on it during the summer when we have more time to think!
  • Covered the reference desk while the other librarians went to lunch (remember we get fed).
  • Had a working lunch while at a committee meeting - nothing library related, but an interesting committee about the life of the school.
  • Read a review journal at the reference desk
  • Taught the seventh section of a 6 part research project. This lesson is about using SIRS, ProQuest, and CQ Researcher. The students then need to find 2 articles either in class or for homework on their chosen topic that they have been researching for 2 weeks. Next week they will learn about note-taking on NoodleTools. The past 2 weeks I was very busy teaching all 120 eighth graders the steps of the research process, including a wiki reflection. This week should be much quieter.
  • Missed the after-school faculty meeting to go to my son's first ever basketball game at the lower school campus a few block away. Both my kids attend school there, and everyone understands when I need to leave for one of their events - my administration even encourages me to go. Many faculty and staff have children who attend our school, and it really adds to the community feeling.
  • Tonight I will probably read Patterson's  Maximum Ride for my student book club, answer a few emails about research questions, and just be a mom!

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