Friday, June 25, 2010

Favorite Airlines

I am only halfway to the ALA convention in DC. I'm not driving (I live in Los Angeles!). I'm not between flights. Nope, not a train either. I am in the air using the internet on my lovely Mac. Virgin America is my new favorite airlines - I never had a favorite airlines before. I just accepted what I got. But let me tell you what I have enjoyed so far:

1. Inexpensive non-stop flights.
2. Easy check in. LAX felt almost pre-9/11 in that they actually took my luggage for me at check in. I didn't have to take it to another stop, like I had to last week on American Airlines, when I had much more luggage.
3. My own little TV screen on the seat in front of me for watching TV, movies, IMing with other passengers (ha - I should chat with other librarians), or playing games.
4. Internet access (yes, it was $10, but that is fine with me), and I think I can even charge my computer from my seat! I'll have to do that soon..
5. Nice flight attendants.
6. Clean, modern looking plane. I'm enjoying the subtle purple lights.

More on my great flight later - I haven't landed yet...
Do you have a favorite airline? Have you tried Virgin yet?


  1. Well I guess great minds DO think alike! I posted the same sentiments a few days ago! Go Virgin!

    Sounds like you're having a great summer so far! Hope the rest is just as exciting!

  2. I just read your post, Dave- so funny! Virgin America is amazing though, really. I am so behind on my blog and my reader - I am impressed you found Archipelago during summer. I am on a bit of a hiatus..Not sure how long it will last.