Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Not Writing, but Lots Happening

Usually when the school year ends the activity in the library winds down too. This year, however, the activity just kept coming. Research projects ended later, we are planning for some curricular changes next year, we are packing for a mini remodel (new shelves, carpet, and paint), and we are working on next year's accreditation process. This was a busy spring! Life was busy too, so my poor blog was neglected.
I also found out this month that I will be on a panel at ALA. I will be the lone school librarian with 15 mostly university librarians on a panel called "What are You Doing about Emerging Technologies?" These librarians have titles like Emerging Technology Librarian, Digital Access Librarian, and Vice Chancellor for Information Services, but through collaborating with them online I see that we have similar issues. I will learn so much just by being at this 2 hour session, and I hope you will be there too! Please let me know if you plan on being there.

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